HSE Organization

The HSE Corporate Organization is shown in below. The President has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that

  • JGC HSE Management Program is suitable and effective for achieving the HSE Corporate Policy and objectives.
  • There is continuous improvement.
  • The necessary resources to operate and maintain the HSE Management Program are available

      The President delegates his authority and responsibility for HSE to the HSE Management Representative who is the chairman of the HSE Committee.

The HSE Committee, headed by the HSE Management Representative and whose members are the managers of JGC departments, oversees all HSE operations of JGC's World Operations Center, and all domestic and overseas project operations to ensure that all activities arising from these operations comply with the HSE Management Program, and meet the HSE legislative and client requirements. The Q-HSE (Quality and HSE) Management Department is responsible for supporting the HSE Committee in the performance of their responsibilities.

The Home Office HSE organization, headed by the Human Resources Manager, is responsible for the preparation and implementation of World Operations Center HSE Plan and ensuring that similar programs are established and implemented at JGC subsidiary offices.

The Engineering Division includes an HSE Systems Department consisting of the Engineering HSE (E-HSE) Group, responsible for the HSE manuals and procedures related to engineering HSE management, Fire Protection Group, Acoustic Engineering Group, and Safety and HAZOP Group.

The Construction Departments of the Energy Project and Industrial Project Divisions, include a Construction HSE Control Team. These teams are responsible for the corporate HSE construction manual and procedures, advising and supporting the projects, assigning HSE personnel to the site, monitoring and auditing site HSE, participating in the investigation of incidents at the sites, and gathering and analysing safety statistical performance.

      A typical Project HSE Organization is shown in below. The overall responsibility for the project HSE performance remains with the Project Manager. The HSE organization for engineering and procurement within a project depends on the characteristics and scope of the project and on the client's requirements. Regardless of the client's requirements or applicable legislation, the Site Organization always includes an HSE Section headed by a Site HSE Manager. The Site HSE organization is established based on JGC's standard criteria, modified as necessary to take into account the Client's HSE requirements, the project characteristics and local conditions.  

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